Leoš Janáček – Life and Work

The Czech composer Leoš Janáček came from a family of musicians and studied music at the Prague Organ School as well as the Leipzig and Vienna Conservatoires. In 1881 he founded an organ school in Brno. He was conductor of the Philharmonic Society Brno from 1881 to 1888 and editor of the periodical “Hudební listy”. In 1919 he became professor of composition at the Prague Conservatoire. In his extensive output, Janáˇcek created his own personal musical language with a unique Czech character. He created an unmistakable style, whose melodic characteristics are based on a precise observation of speech melody and north Moravian folk song. His operas, especially Katja Kabanova and Jenufa, had a far-reaching impact on the stage works of his time.