Vadim Karassikov


Born in Ekaterinburg on November 7th


Graduated from the State College of Music in Ekaterinburg

Since 1995

his works have been regularly included in the programs of the most important international music festivals and concert series as well as in special concert programs in Moscow, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Antwerp, Toronto, Luxemburg, Dresden, Buenos Aires, Salzburg, Frankfurt, Graz, Hamburg, Linz, Stuttgart, Darmstadt and elsewhere


Prize from the First International Music Festival “Dialogue” in Moscow


Graduated from the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow, where he studied with Edison Denissov
German Academic Exchange Scholarship (DAAD)


Künstlerhof Schreyahn Scholarship


Herrenhaus Edenkoben Scholarship


The Berlin Academy of Art Scholarship


“Fleetinsel”-Scholarship of The City of Hamburg
Lecturing at the Hamburg University for Applied Sciences and the High School for Music and Fine Arts Hamburg


Scholarship of the International Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia Bamberg

Karassikov‘s compositions have been commissioned by the Ensemble Modern, the Donaueschingen Music Days and the Klangforum Wien, from the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart, the Austrian Radio (ORF) and the ensemble recherche.

He also composed for the Darmstadt International Institute of Music, the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Berlin Cultural Senate, the International Gaudeamus Music Week Amsterdam, the „opera silens“ Hamburg as well as for Claude Delangle and Carin Levine.

Karassikov’s works are regularly broadcast by Radio France, Holland Radio, Austrian Radio, West German Radio, Hessian Radio, Middle German Radio, Radio Bremen and other broadcasting companies. They have been released on CD by BIS Grammofon, Sweden (BIS-CD 765).


“The silence of this music is that of a frozen catastrophe, but also that of limitless happiness.

The intensity of the emotional strain and that of the spiritual concentration are found here at their extreme point.

This silence, as I perceive it, has the power of a continuum: in its apparent absence of sound, it emphasizes every sound possible.

Each single sound leaving the boundaries of this continuum I experience as an event of extraordinary value. Of truly priceless value.

As priceless as that whole reality of which this sound always remains as a part.

And like that reality, each single sound is for me always a mystery.

The space of the audible is only one of the two spaces where this music deploys itself in consciousness.

The other space is that of the visible.

The visual space of this music is the realm of the gesture. I endow a gesture with a value equal to that of sound. For it is always in the energy of the former that we find the wellspring of the latter.

Every sound itself is indeed that energy.

Every musical sound I perceive as a gesture projected onto the space of the audible.

Often the gestures in this music nearly lose their audible dimension, thus turning the listener into a viewer.

And as the sound here always draws its path along the selvage of silence, so does the gesture along the boundary of motionlessness.

Motionlessness is here the silence of gesture.

As it is true in these works that the sound often reenters the realm of silence so as to reappear anew – or to remain there forever – so the gesture nearly or virtually dilutes its outlines in the space of the motionless.

What matters here is not the mere fact of the absence of what commonly used to function as material for music (4’33”), but precisely the rare graspability of the verge where music is given its birth and leaves the domain of the present.”

     Vadim Karassikov, 2001

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Foto: Hans-Jörg Kapp

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