About Peter Michael Hamel

“Peter Michael Hamel is ... one of the most unconventional musicians in Europe today .... His many-sided musical output is not only appreciated in opera, concert and chamber music guides, but also in the leading lexicons of jazz, pop, ethnic and film music as well as those of esoteric and ‘world’ music.

Hamel’s concept of a holistic and ‘integral music is not polystylistic and certainly not intellectual and synthetic in nature. On the contrary, it is the result of a long and fruitful struggle against the divisions that rend our musical culture, divisions dictated both by tradition and by the musical avant-garde.... The language of Hamel’s orchestral music is sustained by his vision of reconciliation, of a harmonic music of tomorrow. Yet its rhythmic repetitions, at times minimalist and often ethereal timbres also incorporate many achievements of the western avant-garde: one of his basic concepts, as versatile as it is economical, is his precise sound-symbols, the open-ended and kaleidoscopic, even radiant translucence of light evoked in music.

     Hans Christian von Dadelsen