Escape Routines

Miroslav Srnka: Escape Routines for clarinet, harp and string trio

In Escape Routines for clarinet, harp and string trio, a commission for Miroslav Srnka from the Terezín Chamber Music Foundation for the Prague Spring Festival, a three-way configuration similarly prevails: the vocality of the clarinet, the physicalness of the string trio and the richness of the harp as harmony instrument are linked in a process concerned with ritual and repetitive structures. “This piece deals with the energy of that which returns and yet is never the same. And it is finally about the shattering of this recurrence, the fulfilment of the expected and also about surprise”. Destroying the familiar is an event which can either be a catastrophe or a point of departure. Therefore Srnka proceeds here with repetitions which are gradually undermined by disintegration, finally leading into a complete break: “The security of the reliable is lost, and a freedom is won which is achieved by a smashing of constraints and which was unimaginable at the beginning. I’m directly concerned with the beauty of the disintegration.”

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