Jorge E. López


Born in Havana, Cuba, on 30 November


Immigrated to the USA, where he grew up in New York City and Chicago


First attempts at composition, inspired by Mahler, Berg, Ives, Messiaen, Stockhausen and Xenakis.


Studies with Morton Subotnick, Leonard Stein (composition and analysis) and Don Levy (film and aesthetics) at the California Institute of the Arts


Chicago, Idaho and Arizona


Relocated in spring to Portland, Oregon, where he produced film and video pieces.
Many tenting, mountain climbing and motorcycle trips through the American and Canadian West.
Basically self-taught in composition


Relocated to Seattle, Washington, in November
Began degree in science, miscellaneous activities


Returned to composition


Relocated to Methow Valley in northern Washington in spring.
Forestry and agricultural work; involvement with environmental policy


Lengthy stay in Germany


Relocated to Europe in autumn

1991 und 1992

Summer in Lapp mountains and Iceland


Resident in Mölltal in Upper Carinthia (Austria)


Visiting artist at the Karlsruhe Art and Media Technology Center


Relocated to Vienna in November

Orchestral and chamber music performed at major contemporary music festivals in Europe, including Donaueschingen, Wien modern, Frankfurt and Salzburg.

Scholarship from the Heinrich Strobel Foundation of the Southwest German Radio (1988); Ernst von Siemens Foundation, Munich (1990); Prize for Composition from the Erste Bank (1994); Publicity Prize from austro mechana (2001); Austrian State Scholarship (1995 and 2006).

Teaching appointments:
One-week seminar at the conservatory of Cordoba, May 2008

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“I am convinced that many people would like and relate to my works, if only they had the opportunity to become acquainted with them: I never identified with the notion of ‘New Music’. Rather, I was driven from the beginning by the need to manifest and actualize the primordial. I don’t search for the new, rather I seek to liberate that which has been repressed. I don’t believe in progress in art (there hardly is such a thing), but do believe in progress in the technology through which art is realized.

My roots and sources lie partly in western art music, partly in surrealism (understood as method), in science and in the experience of wilderness. The motivation for creation originates in myself and is always connected to a strong effort of will – with respect to overcoming social barriers, overcoming the bourgeois concept of culture, overcoming the artificial boundaries between the various art forms. This effort of will intends to achieve an effect. In my opinion a work of art should be a ‘group-meditation’, led by the artist, which unfolds in time through music, theatre, film, video.”

     Jorge E. López, September 1999


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Foto: © Katalin Moldvay


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