About Jorge E. López

If the concept of originality – or even authenticity – still means anything today, this concept is personified by Jorge E. López. López is unique – this without any need to display the marketable label of ‘outsider’. His works have the weight of true Opus, but remain open structures, transparent unfinished processes that cling to all possible perimeters in order to protect and simultaneously manifest their intimate monumentality. Borders and peripheral areas are central in López’ work. The massifs, the abysses, the winds and the chasms are the territory he loves. He plunges down, climbs up, hammers and squeezes in, God knows, enormous dimensions. Sounds alone have long since ceased to be music enough for him: image, movement, and theatrical setting break their way in. Everything expands, and a marvellously deep – and sustained – breath risks tension to the breaking point. An artist steeped in conflict, who dares not to fear the sublime.”

     Wolfgang Rihm, 4. Februar 2000