About Dieter Ammann

“This is an exceptional (extraordinary) piece of music ........”.
[Attending a rehearsal of Gehörte Form – Hommages]

     Pierre Boulez

“If you focus on the transitions rather than the individual sounds – even though they are successfully achieved – on the dramatic contrast of the sequence of sections, and above all on the overall formal developments, you recognise this composer’s independence. On the one hand, the dense montage of contrasting sections does not have a consistent programmatic-musical effect, not even a narrative one, for only through the abstraction to the musically structural does the form become clear. On the other hand, the contrasts of the sequence of sections raise structural questions which one is tempted to answer associatively by recourse to the extra-musical. This ambivalence is necessary for the formal concept of the string trio and it is astounding how consistently Dieter Ammann pursues it. Added to this, the composer’s very veins are pulsing with musicality: the score is full of verbal performance directions which clarify passages where the music notation appears too abstract. This closeness to the performing activity is indispensable for a composer as an inevitable complement to speculative abstraction. To articulate something which is accepted is to create something new. This stance, which can also embrace provocative innovation, seems to me to be something exceptional and valuable in a young composer, when today’s music business demands above all a stylistic identity which is distinguished by being different.”

     Hanspeter Kyburz

“ Not a second’s let up, everything lively and in the best sense shot through by lines of force, which then remain strong and uninterrupted if they aim in contradictory directions. Your compositional ability at integration ensures the strands never snap and forces the ambivalences into a current without becoming lost!
Energies, even counter energies, are sustained in you music, they don’t disappear into redundant endings. Everything is so fresh!.....”

     Wolfgang Rihm

“Coming from improvised music, after serial beginnings Ammann achieves a freer, more intuitive personal style in an energetic and emotionally ‘laden’ tonal language.”

“...the treatment of the parameters always serves the direct, almost physical expression.”

     Urs Mattenberger

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