Über Jean Barraqué

“Jean Barraqué deserves our deepest admiration for the seriousness, the high gloss and the nobility of his art and his ideas.”

     Olivier Messiaen

“... a rigour of thought, of theory, of musical execution that contributed enormously to the development of music in France.”

     Luigi Nono

“[Indeed,] Barraqué was the Romantic of the postwar serial movement, which is not to deny that he was a fastidious composer, intensely conscious of the problems of artistic creation.”

     Paul Griffiths

Jean Barraqué's “fairly limited œuvre is of a consistant high quality. The majority of his output borders closely on opera (...). Vehemence of tone, the search for a state of the highest tension, which does not shy away from certain magnifying effects, all this can be found in his music together with a nocturnal and dream-like poetry in which silence plays a prominent role.”

     André Hodeir