About Hugo Distler

“The voices in Distler’s music seem like a sheer spider web stretched across an abyss. This voluntary renunciation of a then exhausted dimension of sound in the inspired and, in terms of expression, so transparent manuscript of a genial musician is in this case more than simple orderly quotation of a multi-layered twelve-tone chord. And the decisiveness with which Distler executes this change of consciousness in his work would do honor to a church music which seeks to experience a new the form- and expression-building forces of the harmonic.”

     Siegfried Reda (1965)

“I have always very much regretted that I never met Hugo Distler. As fate would have it, it never worked out, despite repeated plans [...] I loved and still do love Distler’s music. It lives on, whereas other music, in its own time so praised, has long since paled.”

     Carl Orff (1969)