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28.01.2014 12:19

Between feeling trapped and freedom

Premiere of Beat Furrer’s “Canti della tenebra”

Beat Furrer’s Canti della tenebra for mezzo-soprano and ensemble receives its premiere on 7 February 2014 as part of Bavarian Radio’s “Musica viva” concert series. Furrer has set five songs by the Italian poet Dino Campana, a writer who worked in futurist circles and created a once-in-a-century work with his highly poetic texts. Campana was the poet of restlessness, who was driven to travel throughout Europe and to Argentina in a chequered life. It was the tension between the feeling of being trapped and an immense intellectual freedom which he melds together into the musicality and wealth of colours in his texts. Furrer’s song compositions are conceived as a cycle, as the story of a journey in itself. The soloist is Tora Augestad, and Beat Furrer conducts the Klangforum Wien.

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