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25.10.2012 09:25

Highest authenticity

Facsimile of Wagner’s „Tristan und Isolde“

In time for the 200th anniversary of Wagner’s birth in 2013, Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde has been published by Bärenreiter as a facsimile in cooperation with the National Archive of the Richard-Wagner-Stiftung Bayreuth (354 + 10 pages facsimile, 17 pages commentary each. € 669,–). In addition to the complete score, the edition includes the autograph concert ending of the Vorspiel as well as three pages that Wagner rejected while composing and later used for sketches.

Throughout his life, Richard Wagner was proud of his even handwriting. He constantly strove to produce manuscripts of a high calligraphic standard. The Tristan manuscript is also clearly written. More so than in his other scores however, traces of his working process are evident. It is precisely this aspect of the autograph that makes it fascinating. Reading it, one is witness to Wagner’s highly concentrated, powerful and relentless writing. This manuscript is in every possible way unparalleled reflecting individuality and uniqueness.

Ulrich Konrad, the renowned musicologist describes the genesis and performance history of the work in his comprehensive commentary. He also details the physical appearance and condition of the autograph as well as giving an insight into the musical language of Wagner.

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