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19.01.2011 15:05

A versatile Baroque composer

Johann Hermann Schein Complete Edition concluded

With the fourth part-volume of occasional compositions by the early Baroque composer Johann Hermann Schein (1586–1630), the publication of the “New Schein Edition” (Johann Hermann Schein: New Edition of the Complete Works) by Bärenreiter has been concluded. After extensive preliminary work, the first volume, “Israelsbrünnlein 1623” (edited by Adam Adrio), a collection of sacred madrigals in five parts, was published in 1964. From the second volume onwards, the Complete Edition was edited by the International Heinrich Schütz Society, which had an affinity towards the works of Schütz’s friend Schein. After Adrio’s death, Arno Forchert became General Editor of the scholarly edition in 1974. All surviving compositions from Schein’s diverse output are now available in ten volumes (14 part-volumes), including both sacred and secular vocal works and instrumental compositions.