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16.07.2014 09:06

Schubert and Mozart

Bärenreiter at Salzburg Festival 2014

[Translate to english:] Das Haus für Mozart in Salzburg (Foto: Andreas Praefcke)

Bärenreiter once again this year features strongly at the Salzburg Festival. A rarity is presented with Schubert’s rarely-staged opera Fierabras. Peter Stein directs the work, which takes the legend of the Knight Roland as its subject matter. The conductor is Ingo Metzmacher. The musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic will be playing from performance material from the New Schubert Edition specially produced for this premiere. The first performance in the Haus für Mozart is on 13 August. Mozart’s Don Giovanni also has its first night at the Haus für Mozart on 27 July. Christoph Eschenbach conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in a production by Sven-Erik Bechtolf. 

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