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06.12.2012 08:25

Music for the world’s musicians

Bärenreiter-Verlag raises the curtain with a film

What does a music publisher actually do? They print music, is a frequently-heard answer. Well-kept secrets evidently prevail about such companies. Now one of the greats in the music publishing sector is raising the curtain on its work. Bärenreiter-Verlag has produced a film where you can learn how everything happens, up to the point where an Urtext edition lies on the music stand in concert halls, opera houses, music schools and music rooms at home. There’s no magic about it, but a fascinating sequence of steps dovetailing into each other by many different people.

There’s the managing director of the publishing house with her husband and son, who largely determine the publishing policy. There’s the musicologist who is working on a new edition of a famous work from the sources: in the film this is no less than the well-known English conductor, keyboard player and musicologist Christopher Hogwood. There’s the editor, who’s in regular contact with him, checks and moves the project forward. There’s the marketing team who maintain contact with retailers and musicians throughout the world. There’s also the printer, who reports enthusiastically on the quality of the printed music edition. And there are finally the musicians that Hogwood directs in a master class at the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt.

The film, which is available on the Bärenreiter homepage www.baerenreiter.com, is extremely informative and visually very attractive. When you’ve seen it, you will view the notes from the music publisher in Kassel with different eyes.

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