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08.10.2012 08:12

Metaphysical thriller and distorted shadows

On 20 and 21 October two prominent premieres by Bärenreiter composers take place

Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini has composed the opera Der Sandmann after E. T. A. Hoffmann’s night piece for the Theater Basel. The libretto is by Thomas Jonigk, conceived as a metaphysical thriller. Der Sandmann is Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini’s second opera, with an equally exciting subject matter as his first work in the genre, WUT (Erfurt 2006). Thomas Jonigk’s ingenious libretto transfers the story of the Sandman to the present, setting it in the milieu of a budding writer who inhabits a world between delusion and reality. A subtle game is created with levels of reality, with dreamed-of or fabricated reality, leaving space for ghostly manifestations and the spirit world. The dilemma of a mankind that has reached the limits of enlightenment and glances upwards into the heavens it is alienated from is evident: imploring a God in whom it no longer believes.

“What interested me was the phenomenon of doubling, but also of the distortion into a shadow and the creation of the process-related resulting from this intersecting of voices into each other”, says Beat Furrer. In linea dell’orizzonte, his composition for the Ensemble Ascolta (Donaueschingen 21.10.2012), this principle of transformation is applied to a heterogenous group of instruments with disparate sonorities comprising piano, violin, cello, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion and electric guitar and realised in a rich, diversified material. From the intertwining of the voices emerges a study of distorted shadows.

20.10.2012 Theater Basel
Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini: Der Sandmann
Libretto: Thomas Jonigk
Conductor: Tomáš Hanus, production: Christof Loy

21.10.2012 Donaueschingen (Musiktage)
Beat Furrer: linea dell'orizzonte für Ensemble
Ensemble ascolta

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Picture: Veit Schmitt, Illustration to E. T. A. Hoffmann's "Der Sandmann", veit.schmitt.de