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21.07.2014 12:00

Internationally outstanding young musicians

Special prizes by Bärenreiter at the Bach Competition Leipzig

Dr. Wendelin Göbel, Publishing Director of Bärenreiter-Verlag, presents a Bärenreiter Urtext Prize to the Israeli violinist Nitzan Bartana.

At the XIXth International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition Leipzig 2014, 100 musicians from 28 countries competed in mid-July in the categories piano, harpsichord and violin/baroque violin for the much sought-after title “Bach Prize Winner”. In the piano category the winner was the youngest finalist, 18-year-old Hilda Huang (USA). The winner of the harpsichord category was Jean-Christophe Dijoux (France). First prize in the violin category went to Seiji Okamoto from Japan.  Bärenreiter-Verlag again awarded three “Bärenreiter Urtext Prizes” – vouchers for sheet music. These were won by Daniël van der Hoeven (Netherlands, piano), Aleksander Mocek (Poland, harpsichord) and Nitzan Bartana (Israel, violin).