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11.06.2012 15:20

"Eighteen Agents for nineteen strings"

Miroslav Srnka composes for Munich

On 21 June the Munich Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Liebreich, gives the premiere of Miroslav Srnka’s Eighteen Agents for nineteen strings, a multi-perspective exploration of string sound. Following his recent major music-theatre works Make No Noise and Jakub Flügelbunt which were premiered at the Munich Opera Festival and the Semperoper Dresden in 2011, Eighteen Agents for nineteen strings is a concentration on the potential string instruments have for blending sound. In this work, Srnka explores the full potential of the tonal from unison writing to the complete sharing out of the parts, in a single movement which the musical movement – the approaching and distancing, the accelerating and decelerating – projects into the three-dimensional space.

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