The Bärenreiter Film

Japanese translation (pdf)

Renowned conductor and musicologist Christopher Hogwood († 2014) takes you on a journey through Bärenreiter. Come with us behind the scenes. You will be given an insight into the editorial and production process of an Urtext edition. The history of this family-owned company is also revealed.

Musical works recorded for the film:

Johannes Brahms: „Albumblatt for Piano”
BÄRENREITER URTEXT, edited by Christopher Hogwood, BA 9606
Performed by Seiko Amano-Harborth in the Bärenreiter library

Johannes Brahms: „Trio for Violin, Horn (Viola or Violoncello) and Piano op. 40”
BÄRENREITER URTEXT, edited by Christopher Hogwood, BA 9435
Live recording of a masterclass with Christopher Hogwood at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main (4 June 2012); participants: Chenjun Fan (violin), Cécile Dorchêne (violin/gut strings), Elen Guloyan (viola), Michael Preuß (violoncello), Yan Su (piano), Sung-Jae Kim (piano), Tobias Hartlieb (historical pianoforte), Catherine Eisele (French horn), Georg Köhler (natural horn).

Direction, Concept, Production management, Cut: Susanne Minke; Camera: Fabian Hentzen; Sound: Johanna Leistner; Colour correction: VERINET, München; Sound mixing: Echoplex, Berlin; Speakers: Marei Ahmia, Steve Taylor, Holger Franke; Photos: Johanna Leistner, Paavo Blåfield