The beginning of No. 39 from David Popper’s „Hohe Schule des Violoncellospiels“ op. 37 (BA 6978)

Studies are not popular, but there's no getting around them. However they can be more than a necessary burden in daily practice and can become a source of joy – joy in what has been accomplished and anticipation of what lies ahead.

“Hohe Schule des Violoncellospiels” (“High School of Violoncello Playing”) is the title of a volume of études by David Popper. Besides the world-renowned works of this Bohemian cellist and composer, the Bärenreiter catalogue features other highly useful and familiar collections of cello études by Jean-Louis Duport, Felix Battanchon, Friedrich Grützmacher and Sebastian Lee. All of these works are pieces in their own right that are actually fun to play when they are mastered.

All Bärenreiter editions of cello studies include a clear reader-friendly layout, fingering and bowing for today’s cellists, fold-out pages where necessary, and optimal page turns; in short they support the cellist tackling these works and strive to make his life as easy as possible.

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