Mårten Jansson Choral Competition



Dortmund – Denver – Warsaw
The Mårten Jansson Choir Competition results are in

(4.12.2018) The first prize of the Mårten Jansson Choral Competition held by Bärenreiter goes to the  Jugendkonzertchor Dortmund (Germany, photo). This youth choir who greatly impressed the panel of prominent choral judges was the indisputed winner. The University of Denver Lamont Chorale (USA) received second place and the third place went to “Vocore” from the Polish capital Warsaw.

The 10 competition participants from Sweden, Poland, Germany and the USA all submitted a video with their interpretation of Jansson’s “Maria IV”. The judges were very impressed by the high standard of all the ensembles.

The Jugendkonzertchor Dortmund will receive a composition by Mårten Jansson tailored to its needs along with a voucher for 500 EUR for Bärenreiter choral publications. The choirs in second and third place will also receive vouchers (300 / 250 EUR).

The winning videos:

1st prize: Jugendkonzertchor der Chorakademie Dortmund, Director: Felix Heitmann

Some of the judges’ comments

  • “… an absolutely perfect performance—nuanced, delicate, exquisite silences and dynamic contrasts, expertly adapted for the reverberant space. Gorgeous video. A mystical performance!”
  • “A wonderful and truly touching interpretation of the composition with a rich and warm sound. It really felt like the ensemble wanted to tell you something they feel is important and that is truly a composer’s dream.”
  • “An outstanding performance that was so musically crafted with committed singing and variety in colour. A brave tempo that managed to maintain the interest and atmosphere at all times.”

2nd prize: University of Denver Lamont Chorale, Director: Catherine Sailer (USA)

3rd prize: Vocore (Warsaw, Poland)