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The Bohuslav Martinu Zlín Philharmonie will play on 8 November 2018 for the first time the suite from “Osud”, conductor will be Tomás Brauner

Janácek’s symphonic oeuvre for large orchestra is quite small. Conductors and program directors will thus undoubtedly welcome the striking orchestration of Janácek’s piano sonata “1.X.1905” in the contemporary arrangement of conductor and harpsichordist Vojtech Spurny together with two new operatic suites (“Osud”, “The Makropulos Case”) prepared by the experienced and internationally acknowledged Czech arranger Tomás Ille, whose adaptations have been included in the repertoires of major orchestras (Czech Philharmonic, Berliner Philharmoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, etc.)

Piano Sonata 1.X.1905 
Arrangement for orchestra by Vojtsch Spurny
Scoring: 2.2(ci).2(clb).2 – – tp, perc (tam-tam, trgl, ptti) – ar – archi
Durata: 12 min.
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Vojtech Spurny describes his approach to the two extant movements of the sonata (“The Presentiment”, “The Death”): “My orchestration of the first movement, The Presentiment, originally appeared as a supplement to Bretislav Bakala’s instrumentation of “The Death”, and it is recorded as such on the demonstration CD of the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Zlín. Wanting to retain the same style throughout, I later orchestrated the second movement as well. I based my approach on the orchestral performing forces used by Janácek in his operatic and symphonic scores and endeavoured to maintain the peculiarities and typical features of his style.”

Osud, Suite from the opera
Arrangement by Tomás Ille, based on the critical edition of the opera (2016)
Scoring: 3 (Fl.picc.) 3 (Cor.ingl.) 3 (Cl.b.) 2  4231  Timp.  Perc. (Camp.; Ptti. a2; Trgl.; Tamb. picc.;  Gr.c.;)  Arp.  Archi
Durata: 20 min.
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“It was not easy to decide which parts of the opera to use,” Tomás Ille admits. “Regardless of whatever opinions there are on the quality of the libretto, the work’s music is literally ‘packed’ with typical Janácek melodies. […] The suite does not follow the chronology of the operatic plot. Its parts are sequenced in such a way as to match the musical tectonic of a loose, single-movement fantasy.”

In preparation (to appear in 2019):
The Makropulos Case, Suite from the opera
Arrangement by Tomás Ille, based on the critical edition of the opera (2019)
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