French Music

Late Romantic and Impressionist music from France

During the mid-nineteenth century, French composers began to distance themselves from the German musical tradition. An individual, unmistakable musical movement was established in which new characteristics became dominant, characteristics which had nothing to do with the styles of Beethoven or Wagner. The gentle late Romantic style of  Gabriel Fauré was followed by a series of composers who have been classified – in accordance with the art movement – with the label “Impressionist“. Claude Debussy was their guiding light and – with his exploration of previously undreamt of sound spheres – formed a bridge to the Modern era of music.

In the last few years Bärenreiter has published many of the key works from this fascinating time, from the chamber music of Fauré to Debussy’s symphonic poem “Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune” and the whimsical piano pieces of Erik Satie.

Join us on a journey of discovery to the music capital of the world during that time.