Orchestral Music

Many Bohemian composers, including Jiří Antonín Benda, Jan Křtitel Vaňhal and František Vincenc Kramár (or Krommer), were actively involved in the evolution of the early classical style. They took part in the birth of the symphony and contributed to the development of the instrumental concerto. Orchestral works by 18th-century Bohemian masters can be found in the series “Music Antiqua Bohemica” (MAB).

The repertoire of today's concert orchestras would be unthinkable with the symphonies and concertos of Antonín Dvořák and the symphonic poems of Bedřich Smetana, whose six-piece cycle “Má Vlast” (My Fatherland), with the ever-popular The Moldau, is one of the supreme creations of European programme music. Other important Czech symphonists were Leoš Janáček and Dvořák's pupil and son-in-law Josef Suk, whose deeply felt symphony “Asrael” will be published by Bärenreiter Praha in 2017. The symphonic works and concertos of Bohuslav Martinů are increasingly finding a place on today's concert programmes. Another leading 20th-century representative of the Czech symphony is Miloslav Kabeláč, a composer 18 years Martinů's junior.

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