Claude Debussy 1862–1918

Claude Debussy 1884. Painting by Marcel Baschet

The 25th of March 2018 marks the centenary of the death of Claude Debussy. His music has become a permanent feature in the world’s concert halls. Modern music would be unthinkable without him, for Debussy was peerless in discovering the path from the waning romantic era into uncharted territories.

Debussy's œuvre is rich and multi-faceted. It ranges from piano and chamber music to orchestral works, stage compositions, choral music and chansons. For years our respect for his music has led us to undertake the task of reissuing his works in scholarly-critical Urtext editions, thereby making them available to musicians all over the world. More than 20 works by Debussy have already been added to the Bärenreiter catalogue, and others will follow.

Debussy always placed great stock in the musical freedom and intuitive empathy of his performers. For this reason the lengthy prefaces to Bärenreiter's Debussy edition not only shed light on the works themselves, but present detailed suggestions on their performance.

Challenge Debussy. An interview with Douglas Woodfull-Harris