Pianists on Jonathan Del Mar’s edition

Marc-André Hamelin

Photo showing the pianist Marc-André Hamelin

“Considering how invaluable it has been for me to work on Beethoven’s piano concerti with the help of Jonathan Del Mar’s editions, I am greatly looking forward to spending more time with Bärenreiter’s new publication of the sonatas. Performers will benefit immensely from Del Mar’s thoughtful and thorough critical reports; I was especially glad to see how deftly he puts to rest once and for all op.106’s long-standing A-sharp vs. A-natural controversy! Also to be welcomed are Misha Donat’s perceptive and illuminating forewords to each of the sonatas, providing essential historical background as well as analytical insights no performer will want to be without. A magnificent chapter in the life of this canon of masterpieces!“
(Photo: © Sim Cannety-Clarke)

Angela Hewitt

Photo showing the pianist Angela Hewitt

“The publication of this new edition of all the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, so meticulously and lovingly prepared by Jonathan Del Mar, is a major event for all concert pianists, teachers, and students. Beethoven was the first keyboard composer to give us such a wealth of expression marks, articulations, phrasings—all of which must be carefully observed and considered to give a faithful interpretation. With this edition as our guide, we can feel confident that we have the complete picture.  Thank you, Bärenreiter!“
(Photo: © Bernd Eberle)

Stephen Hough

Photo showing the pianist Stephen Hough

“A score is a road map, and Jonathan Del Mar’s new Bärenreiter Beethoven edition is the clearest, most reliable one imaginable. A performer needs to feel confident when studying a work that the message of the composer is being transmitted as faithfully as possible. A map is not the journey, but without it the imagination is stunted, unsure of the right direction, unable to take wing. With Bärenreiter on the music desk the path is clear.”
(Photo: © Sim Cannety-Clarke)

Leslie Howard

Photo showing the pianist Leslie Howard

“It is a pleasure and an honour to say a few words in praise of Jonathan Del Mar’s edition of the Beethoven Pianoforte Sonatas.  Such are the difficulties in preparing a new edition of these justly-treasured works – often because of missing or conflicting source material – that it can never be truly said that this is the last word to be had on the subject. But it will be a long time before anyone materially improves upon this text and its accompanying critical apparatus! Jonathan Del Mar is one of those rare scholars who, before committing to a final reading, has the humble grace and wisdom to consult widely amongst performers and scholars lest any stone remain unturned, and the result speaks for itself. He is scrupulously fair, above all to Beethoven’s letter and spirit, and he offers reasoned critical examination of every controversial incident where an absolute decision must be made to produce a single uncluttered performing text. His choices here are all diligently supported by argument and every effort has been made to trace every possible source reading, and all editorial decisions are socratically accounted for in the splendid critical notes.”
(Photo: © James Yuanxin Li / Wikimedia Commons)

Robert Levin

Photo showing the pianist Robert Levin

“Jonathan Del Mar’s Beethoven editions are remarkable for their scrupulous and astute research.  Where one regularly encounters new readings, the thorough critical commentaries justify the decisions taken, while enlightening and stimulating the performer.”
(Foto: © Aschermann)

Igor Levit

Photo showing the pianist Igor Levit

“An edition such as this Bärenreiter Urtext edition is important in that it lets me work with ‘only‘ the core, the original foundation that the composer – in this case Beethoven – left behind as working material. In its pure form, this is of course a gift, but it is also only the beginning.”
(Foto: © Felix Broede / Sony)

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