Schubert Lieder

Foreword by Christoph Prégardien and Andreas Staier

„The New Schubert Edition is conceived as an › open ‹ edition; by providing a text that adheres closely to the sources, it offers musicians more than one binding text for each work concerned. In addition to all sources sanctioned by the composer, it also takes into account performance variants that originated in Schubert‘s surroundings and convey an impression of contemporary performance practice.

The present practical edition is based on the New Schubert Edition and is noteworthy for preserving a great number of these variants. Performers are thus able to choose those readings that most closely coincide with their own understanding of the work in question. This new complete edition of Schubert‘s Lieder invites musicians to embark on a voyage of discovery in tune with historical performance practice.“

Christoph Prégardien & Andreas Staier