Bärenreiter is the proud publisher of THE definitive edition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s complete organ works. The edition provides the musical text of the internationally renowned New Bach Edition. New musicological evidence is continuously being integrated.
The Bärenreiter organ catalogue also encompasses fine Urtext editions of the works by Alain, Boëllmann, Bunk, Cabezon, Distler, Dubois, Frescobaldi, Froberger, Guilmant, Handel, Mendelssohn, Middelschulte, Sweelinck, Vierne and many others. Apart from these scholarly-critical publications the amateur and professional organist will find appealing collections and series suitable for many occasions. Last but not least our catalogue offers jazz-related works, transcriptions, works for solo instrument and organ, works for organ and voice, as well as contemporary music.
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