Stage works form a major part of the Bärenreiter catalogue. Here conductors, dramatic advisers, singers and opera lovers will find a rich selection of works ranging from the birth of opera through to the 20th and 21st centuries. Operas by Monteverdi, Cavalli, Handel and Telemann feature in our catalogue as well as works by Haydn, Gluck and, of course, Mozart. In recent years Rossini and the bel canto repertoire as well as French grand opera have added a new focal point to our opera programme. Equally important is contemporary music theatre: world premieres at great opera houses, such as Miroslav Srnka's “South Pole” at the Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich) or Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini's “Edward II” at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, ensure a rousing reception from the audience as well as lively debates in the media.


For the most part, our stage work scores are based on scholarly-critical complete editions or  editions of selected works published by Bärenreiter. These ground-breaking editions are aimed at both scholars and performers while reflecting the cutting edge of musical scholarship. Internationally acclaimed musicologists edit these “'Bärenreiter Urtext”' editions, conveying the composer's intentions as accurately as possible. “L'Opéra français”, “OPERA – Spektrum des europäischen Musiktheaters” and “Francesco Cavalli – Opere” are prime examples of our new opera series.

To make these many stage works available for performance, our full scores are supplemented by vocal scores and orchestral parts.

Orchestral parts

A well-presented engraving, convenient page-turns, carefully chosen and practical cue notes as well as superior paper: these are the main features of Bärenreiter orchestral parts. Relevant appendix numbers from the scores are inserted at the place where they are to be played to avoid unnecessary page-turns.
 One special feature can be found in our performance material for 17th-century operas: instead of separate parts we offer playing scores and continuo. In this way we provide greater flexibility, for example in terms of scoring, when rehearsing and performing this repertoire.

Please contact us if you require transposed versions of individual arias or performance material for further appendix numbers

Vocal scores

Bärenreiter Urtext vocal score editions are based on reliable musical texts from our opera editions and are prepared by experienced conductors and répétiteurs. In addition to the original libretto text, most of the vocal scores contain singing translations in German and English which are equally suitable for performance or comprehension purposes. These editions also include appendix numbers from the score, thereby making it possible to perform alternative versions of the opera. The musical text which always ensures good readability and playability is preceded by a Preface containing, among other things, information on the work's genesis and reception as well as a synopsis of the plot.

Vocal scores may be purchased or can be ordered together with the score and orchestral parts as part of the hire material from our stage and orchestral agent Alkor. Please contact: leihe@baerenreiter.com.

For many of our stage works choral scores containing only those numbers in which the opera chorus has to sing can be produced
Detailed information on our stage works can be found at takte-online.de

Photo: Leoš Janáček, Die Sache Makropulos, Landestheater Innsbruck. Premiere: 13.1.2016, conductor: Francesco Angelico, director: Karl Josef Schildknecht, © Rupert Larl

Bärenreiter Opera Kaleidoscope

The Bärenreiter Opera Kaleidoscope (BA 8828) is a collection of opera arias for soprano (or mezzo-soprano) and offers a cross-section of Bärenreiter’s extensive catalogue of stage works. It is not only suited for voice students and aspiring singers preparing for examinations and auditions, but also provides seasoned professionals with inspiration and material for programming their recitals.
The collection spans a representative arch from the early baroque to the romantic era, gathering together arias from the Italian, French, Czech and German repertoire.

The spectrum ranges from the declamatory style to easy coloratura. An appetiser for our high-quality Urtext opera vocal scores at a very affordable price!