Viennese classical period

Bärenreiter stands not only for Bach, but in equal measure for Mozart. All of Mozart's piano compositions have appeared in practical performing Urtext editions based on the “New Mozart Edition”, including his works for piano duet, available in a revised volume (BA 9179).
The new Urtext edition of Mozart's A major Sonata 'for clavier alone' with its famous finale, the 'Rondo alla turca', breaks fresh ground. Recent discoveries of a section of the lost autograph and a previously unknown contemporary copy of the complete autograph have provoked Bärenreiter to offer an up-to-date Urtext performance edition of this celebrated work. The only edition truly faithful to the sources, it employs the most innovative methodology of our time by separating the musical texts of the autograph and the original print. Both versions of the sonata reflect historical reality, and the editor has refrained from conflating them into a single new text.

Another important area of Bärenreiter's catalogue of Viennese classical piano music is the Urtext edition of Beethoven's complete piano sonatas including the early “Kurfürsten” Sonatas. Meticulously and critically evaluated from the sources by Jonathan Del Mar, these sonatas appear in three collected volumes as well as in individual editions grouped by opus number.

A major addition to our catalogue is the new Urtext edition of Haydn's late sonatas. Edited by Bernhard Moosbauer and Holger M. Stüwe, the edition contains historically informed fingering by the acclaimed harpsichordist and fortepiano player Rebecca Maurer. The fingering takes into account essential aspects of performance practice in Haydn's own day as well as renditions on the modern concert grand. The edition draws on the latest research findings and is rounded off with an informative preface and detailed suggestions on period performance (especially regarding instrumentation, articulation, staccato, embellishments and pedalling).

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