German romanticism

Bärenreiter's piano catalogue also features a rich selection of Urtext editions for the major figures of German romanticism. Brahms is represented by his “Ballades” (op. 10), the “Handel Variations” (op. 24), the “Waltzes” (op. 39) and separate volumes of the late piano pieces from opp. 116 to 119. Also included are Mendelssohn's “Songs without Words”, “Seven Character Pieces” (op. 7), “Six Children's Pieces” (op. 72) and the sets of variations opp. 54, 82 and 83, as well as Liszt's Sonata in B minor.

Bärenreiter's Urtext editions of Schumann's “Scenes from Childhood” (op. 15), Album for the Young (op. 68) and “Forest Scenes” (op. 82) are the only ones that provide not only the composer's original markings but also Clara Schumann's pedalling instructions, metronome marks and fingering which has been adapted by Ragna Schirmer:

'Considering the excellent printing quality and intelligent layout, we are almost tempted to award them the honorary title of "Schumann Edition of the Year"' (Piano News 2012, on Bärenreiter's editions of Scenes from Childhood and Forest Scenes).

The reliability of our Urtext editions of Schubert's piano music is guaranteed by the “New Schubert Edition”. Many of his piano pieces are already available in spaciously engraved new editions.

A Selection from the Piano Catalogue

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