The Sassmannshaus String Method

During the last four decades more than half a million children have been “getting started” with the Sassmannshaus Early Start method, Bärenreiter‘s tutors for violin, viola and cello. These popular volumes have become classics among string methods worldwide. In 2012 the three-volume tutor for double bass was added to the series so that the Sassmannshaus Early Start method is now available for all string instruments.

The tutors have been lovingly and imaginatively illustrated by Charlotte Panowsky, a renowned illustrator of children’s books. The colourful pictures and the large print notes in volume 1 are particularly child-friendly and very attractive to pre-school as well as school children. The age-appropriate text underlying the music enables children to perceive melodies as a whole and to understand their singable qualities. Note reading is emphasised from the first lesson in order to bring up children to become proficient sight-readers. The many duets included in the tutors introduce chamber music early on, bring joy and satisfaction to young players and advance their sense of rhythm.

In contrast to other beginner string methods, the Sassmannshaus Early Start method does not confine students to first position for long. Songs and scales in different positions are easily explained and mastered within the first year. Also other advanced violin techniques such as shifting and varied bow strokes are introduced in rudimentary form. The volumes are substantial (64 or 72 pages) and contain comprehensive material corresponding to carefully calibrated learning curves. They keep children curious and interested for many months and years.

The Sassmannshaus Early Start method is suitable for single instruction as well as for group and class lessons.

All violin techniques used are demonstrated and explained on