Educational Music

Bärenreiter offers an attractive choice of editions for teaching, learning, and spontaneous playing for the fun of it. Discover our series Easy Piano Pieces and Dances, which assembles the easiest original pieces which famous composers wrote for the piano. A fabulous introduction to the great piano repertoire!

The centre of Bärenreiter’s educational catalogue for strings constitutes the Sassmannshaus Method, not only available in German but also in English (and partially in Spanish and French), which is one of the most popular and successful tutors worldwide for young violinists, violists, cellists and double bassists. Collections of recital pieces complement this method and offer ideal follow-on literature. The series Bärenreiter’s Concert Pieces provides string players with effective pieces of varying difficulty some of which can be used alongside the Sassmannshaus or other string methods while others pave the way for the great string literature.
George A. Speckert has enriched the Bärenreiter educational catalogue with charming arrangements for young string ensembles or string quartets. 

The series Ready to Play has been conceived to supply pieces which are easy to play and still sound effective. Here you will find a great choice of different instruments and ensembles represented.
combocom is a series for variable ensemble and thus permits a wide range of instrumental combinations.
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