Music periodicals have been a constant feature of the Bärenreiter catalogue from the very outset. These independent journalistic publications, written in German, reach professional circles and interest groups in the fields of musicology and church music.

Musik und Kirche has been an ideal complement to Bärenreiter’s many editions of choral and organ music since 1929. Though rooted in the Protestant tradition, it now has an ecumenical alignment and has become a leading medium for church music in the German-speaking countries.

Three other periodicals are published in cooperation with professional associations: Die Musikforschung functions as a forum for Germany’s musicological society, the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung; Acta Musicologica is the official organ of the International Musicological Society; and Musica sacra serves as the church music periodical for the Allgemeiner Cäcilien-Verband (General Association of the Cecilian Movement).

The periodical [t]akte, available free of charge, presents important topics from the worlds of opera, symphony and contemporary music.