Heinrich Schütz (1585–1672)

New Edition of the Complete Works

Edited on behalf of the International Heinrich Schütz Society

The New Schütz Edition is a scholarly-critical edition intended for scholars and performers. By adhering to the latest in scholarly editorial principles, it presents the musical text of all the surviving works of Heinrich Schütz in modern clefs and notation. Within the volumes and work groups, the works follow the order and numbering system given in the Schütz-Werke-Verzeichnis (SWV), the standard thematic catalogue of Schütz's music.

But the exceptionally long publication period of the New Schütz Edition entails that some of the early volumes no longer comply with current scholarly-critical standards. Therefore the International Schütz Society and Bärenreiter have republished older, out-dated volumes in scholarly-critical editions meeting today’s expectations and will continue this policy for other selected volumes.

Each volume contains a detailed preface (German and English) by the editor, facsimile reproductions of the sources consulted for the edition as well as a critical report.

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