Franz Schubert (1797–1828)

New Edition of the Complete Works

Series VI: Chamber Music

Ref. No. Volume Title Editor Edition Year of publication
BA 5504 Series VI, 1 Octet and Nonet Feil, Arnold Score 1969
BA 5508 Series VI, 2 String Quintet Chusid, Martin Score 1971
BA 5515 Series VI, 3 String Quartets I Chusid, Martin Score 1979
BA 5539 Series VI, 4 String Quartets II Aderhold, Werner Score 1994
BA 5528 Series VI, 5 String Quartets III Aderhold, Werner Score 1989
BA 5517 Series VI, 6 String Trios Aderhold, Werner Score 1981
BA 5511 Series VI, 7 Works for Piano and several instruments Feil, Arnold Score and parts 1975
BA 5505 Series VI, 8 Works for Piano and one instrument Wirth, Helmut Score and parts 1970
BA 5534 Series VI, 9 Dances for several instruments Finke-Hecklinger, Doris
Aderhold, Werner
Score 1991