Franz Schubert (1797–1828)

New Edition of the Complete Works

Edited by the International Schubert Society

The New Schubert Edition is a scholarly-critical complete edition reflecting current knowledge of the sources and the latest research findings. It is thus indispensable for the study and authentic performance of Schubert's music. By presenting the full source material in a manner suitable for performance, the edition attempts to do justice to the composer's particular understanding of the concept of work, which often led to equivalent but conflicting versions and countless variants.

At the end of each volume, under the heading “Sources and Readings”, there is a listing of all essential sources, Schubert's most important corrections, significant variant readings and major emendations on the part of the editor. Detailed descriptions of the manuscripts and supplementary lists of corrections appear in a separate critical report, which may be ordered from the general editorial offices in Tübingen, or may be consulted at the German Archive of Music History in Kassel, the Austrian National Library in Vienna and the Vienna City Library.

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