Johann Hermann Schein (1586–1630)

New Edition of the Complete Works

Edited on behalf of the International Heinrich Schütz Society by Arno Forchert | Initiated by Adam Adrio

The New Schein Edition presents the surviving music of this choirmaster of the Leipzig Thomaskirche in new scholarly critical editions for scholars and performers, using modern editorial principles. Beginning with the vocal works, the volumes are essentially structured in such a way that they correspond to the original prints. The musical text, based on a critical study of the sources, appears in modern notation with standard clefs and added bar lines.

Each volume contains a preface introducing the music and providing information on the sources and performance practice, as well as a critical report and facsimiles from the sources.

Publication Schedule

The edition comprises 10 volumes. Please find an overview here.

Subscription Guidelines

This edition in now complete. The following purchasing options are available for this edition:

  • Purchase of individual volumes at retail sales prices
  • Special set subscription price (a price advantage of approx. 30 %)

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