Camille Saint-Saëns (1835 – 1921)

Œuvres instrumentales complètes

Edited by Michael Stegemann

The compositional œuvre created by Saint-Saëns during his long life (1835-1921) encompasses not only operas and incidental music, oratorios and smaller sacred works, cantatas, secular choral works and songs, but also approxi mately 325 instrumental works.

Of these works „Le Carnaval des animaux“, the third, so-called „Organ Symphony“, the symphonic poem „Danse macabre“, along with many concertos and concert pieces for piano, violin and violoncello as well as chamber music works form an integral part of any orchestra’s, ensemble’s and soloist’s repertoire worldwide, thereby confirming Saint-Saëns’s rank among the greatest composers of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Most of these works have not been newly edited since their first publications (which were often full of errors) and several dozen compositions have remained only in manuscript form. This corpus will be made available  for the first time in the Complete Edition of the Instrumental Works of Camille Saint-Saëns and will be  published in four series with a total of 39 volumes.

„The scholarly-critical complete edition of Saint-Saens‘ instrumental works (Œuvres instrumentales complètes) which is being published by Bärenreiter represents without doubt a remarkable monument for the rich oeuvre of the master.“

(Bernd Wladika, Das Orchester 6/2020)

Publication schedule

I. Œuvres symphoniques
II. Œuvres concertantes
III. Musique de chambre
IV. Œuvres pour piano, orgue et harmonium

Subscription Guidelines

Available on complete subscription or partial subscription by series at reduced prices. The volumes can also be purchased individually.

Each volume includes a Preface (Fr/Eng/Ger) and a Critical Commentary (Fr or Eng), format 25.5 x 32.5 cm, cloth-bound

On the basis of this Critical Edition, Bärenreiter will publish performance material.

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