Georg Rhau (1488–1548)

Music prints from 1538 to 1545 in a new performing edition

Founded by Hans Albrecht | Continued by Joachim Stalmann in cooperation with the Office for Liturgy and Church Music of the Lutheran State Church, Hanover and the Musicological Institute of Heidelberg University.

The musical prints issued by the Wittenberg publisher Georg Rhau provide the most important body of evidence for the musical views and intentions of Martin Luther and his circle. This series presents Rhau's publications in modern transcription for scholars and performers.

Only three prints from Rhau's total œuvre have been excluded as they have been reissued in other contexts: Sacorum Hymnorum Liber Primus in volumes 21 and 25 of Das Erbe deutscher Musik, the Hymns of Sixt Dietrich by Concordia Publishing House, and Johann Walter's Geistliches Gesangbüchlein in the complete edition of that composers works. The new editions follow modern editorial principles with standard clefs and halved note-values. Each volume contains a critical report and a preface discussing the contents and significance of the original prints. There are also samples from the source material in facsimile.

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