Leonhard Lechner (um 1553–1606)


Edited by Konrad Ameln | Commissioned by the International Heinrich Schütz Society

All existing compositions by Leonhard Lechner, one of the significant German composers before the age of Heinrich Schütz, are for the first time made accessible to the general public in this critical edition.

In order to make the musical text immediately useful for performance purposes it uses standard clefs and shortened note values. The score has a modern layout though it does use Mensurstriche instead of bar lines.

Each volume contains an accompanying remark by the editor on the significance and position of the works in music history, as well as a critical report and a characteristic sampling of facsimile sources.

Publication Schedule

The edition comprises 14 volumes. Please find an overview here.

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  • Complete set available at a reduced price (a price advantage of approx. 30 %)

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