Gabriel Fauré (1845–1924)

The Complete Works

Scientific Director : Jean-Michel Nectoux
Chief Editor : Nicolas Southon

For the first time, the Complete Works of Gabriel Fauré (1845–1924) has managed to amass all the scores which were issued during the composer’s lifetime, mostly by three different publishers. Furthermore, it offers a corrected text based on all available sources, some of which have been recently discovered. These sources include: manuscripts, corrected proofs, first editions, printed scores with corrections by the composer, etc.

The Complete Works will reveal many nearly unknown or unpublished pieces, particularly from Fauré’s youth. This will give a more complete picture of Fauré’s aesthetic development; a musician who started composing when classical impulses prevailed but quickly found his own personal harmonic language which continually developed to include the boldness of „Penelope“ and the late chamber as well as piano works. Throughout the volumes abandoned works will be published such as the Allegro of the „Violin Concerto op. 14“, the Symphony or „Orchestral Suite in F major op. 20“. Yet, more significantly, unpublished versions of wellknown works will be uncovered and it will also be possible to discover hitherto unpublished orchestral scores or the very few songs the composer agreed to orchestrate himself.

This edition of the Complete Works is based on international research conducted during the past four decades on both musical and literary sources, the correspondence, iconography and historical recordings. It has brought together musicologists of five different nationalities who share the same fascination for this unique music. This eagerly awaited edition will reveal much new material while furthering the international dissemination of a musical oeuvre that continuously attracts new enthusiasts.

Each volume includes a preface (Fr/Eng/Ger) and a critical commentary (Fr or Eng). On the basis of this Critical Edition, Bärenreiter will publish performance material.

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