Das Erbe deutscher Musik

Edited by the Commission on Music History

Das Erbe deutscher Musik opens up the repertoire of major German musical manuscripts, works and anthologies of particular composers and presents this music in the form of modern editions or facsimile reproductions; it also contains selected essays on superordinate genres. The series is divided into a total of ten sections published by various publishing houses.

The Bärenreiter catalogue therefore only includes the sections on Chamber Music (Nagels-Verlag), Medieval Music (Bärenreiter), Oratorio and Cantatas (Bärenreiter-Verlag), and the Special Series in so far as its volumes are published by Bärenreiter or Johann Philipp-Hinnenthal-Verlag.

The works have been transcribed into modern notation in accordance with the editorial guidelines for fifteenth and sixteenth-century polyphonic music in mensural notation, for the music of the age of the basso continuo and for post-1750 music, depending on the historical classification of the section involved.

In addition to the musical text or facsimile-reproduction, each volume contains a preface and selected facsimiles from the relevant sources as well as a critical report or commentary.

Publication Schedule

Please find a complete overview of the complete series and volumes at www.erbedeutschermusik.de

The followings sections are published by Bärenreiter:

Main Series

Section 5: Chamber Music
Section 7: Medieval Music
Section 9: Oratorios and Cantatas

Special Series


Rhein-Main Area
East Prussia – Danzig – West Prussia

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