Das deutsche Kirchenlied

Complete Critical Edition of the Tunes

Edited by the International Musicological Society and the International Association of Music Libraries (Section I) and the Society for the Scholarly Publication of the German Church Hymn (Section III) | In cooperation with the Institute of Hymnological and Ethnomusicological Studies, Cologne, the Works Office at Maria Laach, and Zurich Central Library (Section II)

This complete critical edition of German hymn tunes replaces the earlier essays in this field by Wilhelm Bämker and Johannes Zahn with modern editions reflecting the current state of scholarship.

Section I contains a bibliography of printed musical sources of the German church hymn from its beginnings until 1800. The tunes in section III are edited on the basis of the first printed edition with a complete account of their dissemination and variant readings. They are arranged chronologically by source groups (author’s prints, song sheets, part song anthologies, agendas and hymnals.

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