Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

New Edition of the Complete Works - Revised Edition

Ref. No. Title Editor Edition Year of publication
BA 5935-01 Mass in B minor
Uwe Wolf Score 2010
BA 5936-01 Weimar Cantatas BWV 31, 132, 143
Andreas Glöckner Score 2012
BA 5937-01 Chamber Music with Violin
Peter Wollny Score 2014
BA 5938-01 St. John Passion „O Mensch bewein“ (1725)
Christoph Wolff Score in preparation
BA 5939-01 Organ Chorales I
Christine Blanken Score in preparation
BA 5940-01 Pre Weimar Cantatas BWV 21, 106, 131, 150
Peter Wollny Score in preparation
BA 5941-01 St. John Passion „Herr, unser Herrscher“ (1749) Christoph Wolff Score in preparation
Klavierübung I
Uwe Wolf Score in preparation
Chamber Music with Flute
Score in preparation
Score in preparation
Organ Chorales II
Score in preparation
BA 5942-01 Six Suites for Violoncello solo BWV 1007-1012
Andrew Talle Score 2016
BVK 2280 Bach
A Life in Pictures

Christoph Wolff
Editorial assistance:
Marion Söhnel, Markus Zepf

Book 2017
Texts to the Vocal Works 2 Vol. in preparation