Complete Editions and Editions of Selected Works

Bärenreiter prides itself on the publication of scholarly-critical complete editions. These pioneering publications have brought Bärenreiter international acclaim.

From the very beginning, Bärenreiter’s complete editions as well as editions of selected works have been designed to serve scholars and performing musicians alike whilst reflecting the latest findings of musicological research. To ensure that each work is published in keeping with scholarly-critical methods in a form as close as possible to the composer's original intentions, the editorial work is conducted by highly qualified and internationally renowned musicologists, partially at institutes specially founded for the research and publication of these works. The high editorial standard of these publications is complemented by their outward appearance, the excellence of their printing and layout, the high quality of their paper and, of course, the practicality of the musical text itself.

Today more than 600,000 Bärenreiter complete edition volumes are to be found in the musicological institutes and libraries of the world.

Bärenreiter Complete Editions (pdf)

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