Choral Works

Bärenreiter stands in a long tradition of choral music publishing and over the years we have come to be regarded as one of the most internationally acclaimed publishers in this area. The blue vocal scores represent our hallmark for singers and are at the cutting edge of musicological scholarship. At the same time they provide a spacious layout, excellent printing and binding as well as clear and uncluttered piano reductions.

In our choral programme you will find all of the large-scale sacred and secular works by Bach and Mozart and most of those by Handel and Haydn. In recent years works by Fauré, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Monteverdi, Rossini, Verdi and Vivaldi have joined our repertoire.  We also publish many a cappella choral works and in addition, arrangements of choral works are available in two series; Choir & Organ and Bärenreiter Female Choir.

Besides the vocal scores, popular choral music collections are part of our programme, too.

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Highlights from the extensive Bärenreiter choral music catalogue:

Choral Works with Orchestra

14.95 €

12.95 €

9.95 €

16.95 €

13.95 €

19.95 €

8.95 €

15.95 €

15.50 €

8.25 €

Choral Works a cappella

16.50 €
Price reduction possible for orders of larger quantities

11.95 €
Price reduction possible for orders of larger quantities

Choir & Organ series

8.95 €

Choral collections

22.95 €
Price reduction possible for orders of larger quantities