Chamber Music

The Bärenreiter chamber music catalogue comprises works for string instruments, wind instruments, and mixed ensembles. We hold the complete chamber music works by Mozart and Schubert. In recent years our Urtext catalogue has grown to include chamber works by Beethoven and Brahms, a number of French composers such as Debussy, Fauré, Saint-Saëns and Ravel, as well as the Czech composers Dvořák, Janáček, Smetana and Suk.

Additionally, our chamber music catalogue offers educational music (please see Educational Music), arrangements for wind quintet as well as the combocom series for variable instrumentation.

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Highlights from the extensive Bärenreiter chamber music catalogue:

String Duos

16.50 €

27.95 €


21.50 €

24.95 €

27.50 €

46.95 €

26.95 €


42.95 €

55.00 €

37.95 €

21.95 €

46.50 €


29.50 €

28.50 €

String Sextets

43.50 €