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Bärenreiter Studienbücher Musik, our series of textbooks for the study of music, are practical workbooks for students of both music and musicology. They contain exercises, suggestions for further study and in many cases CDs. More straightforward and concise are the volumes in our Bärenreiter Basiswissen series, which are designed to convey a basic knowledge of music. Added to these are our Bärenreiter Werkeinführungen series, where masterpieces of music history are presented in outline, and Opernführer kompakt, with its thumbnail sketches of key works from the opera repertoire. We also publish a series of instrument portraits.

Our Documenta musicologica series presents facsimiles of important compositions and reprints of major treatises in music theory. Some are also available in pocketbook format with newly set words and music. Rounding off this side of our catalogue are series of musicological titles and yearbooks.

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