Rudolf Kelterborn


1931born in Basel on 3 September
1950-1953his studies include composition lessons with Walther Geiser at the Basel Music Academy and musicology with Jacques Handschin at the university there
further composition studies with Willy Burkhard in Zurich and Boris Blacher in Salzburg
1955composition studies at the Northwest German Music Academy in Detmold with Günter Bialas and Wolfgang Fortner
1956-1960active as teacher and conductor in Basel
1960-1968teaches theory and composition at the Northwest German Music Academy in Detmold
1962receives the Bernhard Sprengel Prize awarded by German Industry Hannover
1963appointed Professor
1968-1975teaches at the Conservatory and Musikhochschule in Zurich
1969-1974 editor-in-chief of the "Schweizerische Musikzeitung"
1970guest lecturer in the United States
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Prize Zurich
1973 Zurich radio prize for a series on understanding music by listening consciously
1974-1980 head of the Music Department at the Radio of German and Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland (DRS)
1980-1983 Professor at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Karlsruhe
1980guest lecturer in the United States
1981 guest lecturer in England
1983-1994 Director of the Music Academy in Basel
1984 Composition Prize of the "Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein"
Arts Prize of the city of Basel
1986 guest lecturer in Japan and South Korea
1987-1997 Director of Basel Music Forum (with Heinz Holliger and Jürg Wyttenbach)
1990 composer-in-residence and instructor at Kunitachi Music College, Tokyo
1992 composer-in-residence at Cheltenham Festival
1993visiting lecturer at Shanghai Conservatory of Music
1994-1996 teacher at Music Academy of the City of Basel
1997Member of the Freie Akademie der Künste [Free Academy of Arts] Mannheim
1998guest lecturer at the Lithuanian Music Academy, Vilnius
2001composition seminar at the St. Petersburg Conservatory
2007composer-in-residence at the Musikhochschule Münster "Musik unserer Zeit" ["Music in Our Time"]
2021Died in Basel on March 24th
Until the mid-1990s Kelterborn was also active as a guest conductor, mainly as an interpreter of his own works. He has published numerous music-theoretical and analytical essays and books, and has been invited as a guest lecturer to England, the USA, Japan, China and Eastern Europe. Kelterborn’s compositions have been recognised in many essays and publications.