Jean Barraqué


1928Born in Puteaux near Paris on 17 January
1940–1943Secondary school and music studies as a choirboy at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
1945–1947Years of selfinstruction. Copied classical and romantic scores. First attempts at composition. Private instruction in harmony, counterpoint and fugue with Jean Langlais
1948–1951Studied analysis with Olivier Messiaen
1951–1954Practical training with Groupe de Recherches pour la Musique Concrète
1952Completed his “Sonate” for piano
1955Completed his “Séquence”
1956Revised overview of “La Mort de Virgile” after Hermann Broch's philosophical novel “Der Tod des Vergil”
1959Completed “... au-delà du hasard”
1960Made acquaintance of Italian music patron Aldo Bruzzichelli who publishes all his works    
1962–1970Research assistant at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris
1966Completed “Chant après chant”
1968Completed “Le Temps restitué” in February after writing an initial version in 1957. Completed “Concerto in October
1961–1973Preliminary studies and sketches for various works inspired by “Der Tod des Vergil”: “Discours”, “Lysanias”, “Portiques du Feu”, “L'Homme couché”. None of these works is brought to completion
1973Died in Paris on 17 August